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Sofia Torchia is an
Italian - Australian
alt-pop artist creating music with

big lush sounds and interweaving rhythms, balanced out by moments of more intimate minimalism and poignant lyrics.

Inspired by artists like Banks, Marina, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncè and Levante her style is influenced by strong voices and producers of pop and R&B.


With a passion for sampling, layering synths and blending melodies, music production is a fundamental part of Sofia's work. Performing as a solo artist, Sofia's sets mix live vocals with synths and looping.


Growing up in a small town in Tuscany, Italy, Sofia discovered songwriting when moving to Australia. As a self taught guitar and piano player, writing became a way to use nostalgia blending elements of Italian and Australian language and culture into her music and performances. 

Sofia-  Morgan Sette - 2020-3.png
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