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I’m in the eye of a tornado

Since you came

I don’t know what I got to do

To make you stay

But when I think about it

I know

There’s nothing left to not understand


You ask- are we cool now?

I don’t know what you expect from me

We both know I’ll say anything

To keep you hear


But the words burnt in your mouth

Like a loaded gun

Pointed to my chest

Before I had time to run



Oh I’m losing this fight

But it feels alright

For the longest of time

I’ve been wondering

Just what it’s like

To lose something I care about

Lose something I really care about


No, I shouldn’t be blaming you

But isn’t that what I usually do?

Sometimes it feels like it’s the only way

To move passed you



So scared of being real forgot what it’s like

Told myself this is how you should feel so many times

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